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A striking and enchanting scented green tea! Organic, well-twisted green tea leaves are delicately scented with golden jasmine blossoms to create a perfectly balanced smooth, sophisticated and aromatic blend. This tea is delicious from beginning to end and provides a hint of sweetness as it finishes.

About scented teas: Green tea has been enjoyed by many for centuries. Over time, blenders wanted to distinguish their precious spring harvest among their fellow farmers. Their decision to begin adding roses, gardenias, orchids, and jasmine blossoms to their carefully grown tea greatly impacted the tea drinking experience. Not only did it add to the beauty of the loose leaves but it greatly influenced the aroma of the brew. The secret to correctly crafting a scented green tea relied on the farmer picking the flowers at dawn while the buds are tightly closed. They chilled them into the evening hours and then as the flowers began to open and release their scents, the farmer blended them with the green tea leaves which thus absorbed their fresh scent.

Serving Size: 1.5tsp / 8oz
Temperature: 165°F
Steep Time: 5 min

Ingredients: Organic full leaf green tea scented with Jasmine flowers

Tasting Notes: Grassy green tea, blended with jasmine, flowery, delicate, slightly sweet finish.

Liquor Color: Pale shiney green