About Us

Urban Tea Company started in Lubbock, Texas with a dream and a desire to make tea fun. Our goal is to bring new and innovative ideas to the world of tea. With our love for all things tea, we have an amazing collection of loose leaf tea and accessories that will enhance your tea world. Tea is all about building a community and we want all of our customers to become friends. We love having the ability to ship our organic teas from Lubbock to all over the US, to bring people closer together. 


 Pop by our store in the Courtyard at KK's to smell the teas and purchase loose leaf.  We can also make you a glass or gallon of tea.

Not in Lubbock? Send us a message and we will help you find the best teas for your needs. We are passionate about tea & people, and when your passionate, your cup overflows. But in a good way. 


Thanks for joining us in this journey!