Talking about Black TEA baths in this weeks blog post

 Benefits of Black tea

This Wednesday we are talking about another classic, timeless tea just about as old as Green Tea is Black Tea. While the two are similar in health benefits, they have a handful of differences as well.

Black Tea is rich in caffeine, so drinking it helps you remain more alert but doesn’t give you the same “crash” that coffee can give, since the energy distribution is said to be more evenly distributed. 

Black Tea may help to:

  • Reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women
  • Reduce chance of diabetes 
  • Reduce the risk of Parkinsons 
  • Lower chances of kidney stone developments 
  • Prevent tooth decay and bad breath 
  • Help your skin!!

We really want to emphasize how much Black Tea can help your skin, since it contains large amounts to B2, C and E vitamins. This helps to promote healthy, hydrated skin and reduce acne and wrinkles. Many people apply used black tea bags directly under their eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles, so after making your morning cup try that! Make sure the tea bags have had enough time to cool down so that you don’t burn yourself. 


Black tea baths   



lack Tea Baths







Yes, you read that right, black tea baths. When you bathe in tea you absorb all the antioxidants faster than you do when you drink it. It may sound silly, but it works! Read the steps below and learn how to relax in a new way! 

  1. Fill your tub with the hottest water possible, not all the way- but enough to cover just the bottom of the tub.
  2. Add either your tea bags, or loose leaf tea to the tub. Depending on your tub size you’ll want to use about 6-8 tea bags, or for loose leaf about ½ a cup. 
  3. Let this steep for about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Add the rest of the water, at your desired temperature
  5. Soak for around 20 minutes, or longer! 
  6. Moisturize! Once your bath is done, you’ll want to moisturize to get the full effect from this bath 

If you’re looking to try more Black Tea, stop by our shop and smell or try a few! Not local?  No worries, you can shop us online as well. 

Here are just a few of our favorites…. 


Paris   Take a trip in your mind to a little French town for the           evening.  This tea is truly a special treat. Full of robust flavors, you are sure to get lost in the moment.




   An exotic blend of hand-picked, fresh black tea leaves are infused with special flavor and fragrant red rose petals. This floral cup enchants with the aroma of fresh cut roses and delivers a velvety, silky mouthfeel with a smooth finish. Our blend is rich and full bodied yet offers a slightly sweet flavor.



Pineapple Coconut




We pulled inspiration for this distinctively charming and lively blend from the joy, energy, and vibes of the Caribbean. Sweet pineapple, brisk black tea and creamy coconut blend together to create a vibrant, fresh, tropical taste. Full bodied and multi-dimensional, this tea is very smooth and offers just the right balance of flavor. Absolutely perfect hot or iced!


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